Quintin Kynaston Sixth Form is delighted to be accepting applicants for 2018-2019 to do so please fill out this form online.

The planned admissions number for September 2018 is 220.


Internal Students

The school welcomes internal students to express interest in carrying through to the Sixth Form Year 11.  The first round deadline is 19th of December, and the second round deadline is the end of February.

External Students

The school also accepts applications for entry to the Sixth Form from external candidates who attended another school for Year 11 during 2014. There is no limit on the planned number of admissions from external students as long as there are places available within the planned admissions number.

Entry Requirements for both Internal and External Students

Entry to the sixth form is subject to a student having achieved the entry requirements for the Study Programme, and of subjects/courses they wish to pursue whether vocational or academic.

Students should refer to the school’s Pathway Document. This, alongside individual subject requirements are available on the School Website. For further details; individual subjects may be limited in the number of students they are able to accommodate.

QK Sixth Form

Sixth Form Prospectus