How To Set Up a Massage Table for Academic Purposes

Setting up your portable massage table is easy once you know how to do it. If you move your massage table often, such as for on-site appointments, you’ll quickly become familiar with how to set up and take down your table.

Learn how to set up a portable massage table.

Massage Table Setup Instructions

instructionsThe first step after reading portable massage therapy table reviews in setting up your portable massage table is to unlock the latches at the end of the table.

Place the table on its side; then reach down and undo the latches.

Open up the massage table so that the legs extend fully.

Read accessible portable massage therapy table reviews to find out if your model has accessories stored underneath, you can remove the accessories at this point.

Next, grab the handles on the side of your massage table—or, if there are no handles, get a good grip on the side of the table—and lift the table until it’s upright on all four legs.

Press down on the center of the table to make sure the legs and cables are firmly locked in place.

Massage Table Height Adjustment

Unless the massage table is already set at the correct height, you’ll need to adjust the table legs to the right height.

This is an important step because it allows you to maintain proper body mechanics while giving massage.

To adjust the table height, unscrew the knob that holds one of the legs in place and adjust the leg to the correct hole for the height you need. Replace the knob so that the leg is securely held in place.

Repeat the process for the other legs. Adjust all four table legs to the same height. Count the number of holes to make sure each leg is properly adjusted.

Massage Table Accessories

Now it’s time to attach the massage table accessories. Insert the headrest attachment into the holes at the end of the table. Depending on the design of your headrest, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adjust the height and angle of the face cradle.

If your massage table comes with a forward arm rest or side arm extenders, you can attach these accessories as well.

Accessories like these can help your clients feel more comfortable on the table.

Take your massage skills anywhere with a portable massage table from OneTouch, Earthlite, Stronglite, or NRG.…

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statin keto

Ketogenic Low-Carb Diets and the Dangers of Statin Drugs | Qkacademy

Today’s blog is covering the controversial topic of cholesterol and statins.

Before I get to some cool cholesterol facts, I want to talk about the health & medical information that is passed onto us by those we are told to trust.

How many of you have heard over the years that a high cholesterol count is a predictor of poor health and that you are going to keel over and have a heart attack if you don’t cut out all the fat from your diet straight away?

I’m guessing most of you have heard it sometime, from somewhere that is supposed to be an authority on health.

The message is not new, it comes from our doctors, magazines and health journals, etc., and we trust that the news comes from proper research and people who are qualified to interpret it and subsequently share it.

I spend a great deal of my free time reading studies and journal articles about topics that related to my master’s research and to areas that I am personally interested.

My constant reading of a diverse range of material from differing sources affords me a greater understanding of the topic I am reading. It makes sense.

When I visit my GP, I assume (yes I know, assumption makes an ass out of you and me), that my doctor is well read. I believe that they, in the capacity of a medical professional, will adhere to their charter and continue to incorporate professional development and new science-based medical information into their practice, for the benefit of their patients’ health & wellbeing.

We are all busy, with families, jobs, and commitments and personal problems of our own, and I understand very well that committing to continuous improvement outside of working hours is difficult…

However, it has been drummed into me as a registered nurse, that it is part of my professional qualification that I am to seek out new evidence-based therapies or studies that will assist my patients to get to better health.

I expect my doctor or anyone else in the health game to do the same. It’s part of their job description. You should expect it too.

When you ingest cholesterol from your food, should you be worried?

According to Cholesterol Clarity, only 15 percent of the dietary forms of cholesterol that you eat get utilized by your body, the rest is discarded.

Eggs are the food that most people worry. I eat lots of them, and my cholesterol levels are just fine. Eggs are a great source of protein and are essential in my ketogenic diet. Also I am taking keto protein powder that is also a low in carbs (great review of low-carb keto protein powders)

The best part of the egg is the yolk with a plethora of vitamins and minerals in eggs are a terrific source of dietary cholesterol.…

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Floor And Carpet Cleaning Services For Qkacademy School

Qkacademy glad to announce our contractors for Carpet  Cleaning Services. They operate from Detroit, Michigan.

Information about Carpet Cleaners from Metro Detroit Area

carpet cleaners detroitOur group of carpet cleaners in Detroit offers its best to meet your specific needs. You may rely on us if you experience an emergency situation as we are available 24/7 and cost is affordable. We are always prepared to assist you and provide you. Our firm combines the most recent cleaning technology with over 25 years of expertise to supply you with best janitorial support . We can offer services to you .

How We clean:

Get in contact with our agents and we’re going to talk about requirements and your needs. We are pleased of best support and all our reputation. Sparkle Commercial Cleaning supplies office. Maintaining the shape of your environment is important. Trust in our professionalism and employ the cleaning contractor in the region.

Our pricing plan is just one of the cheapest in Detroit, MI.


We provide mindset and client support for every client. Benefit from our office cleaning business cleaning solutions or solutions. We’re a cleaning builder that is trustworthy, and we will assure you will not be let down!

Do not danger having a firm that is half-rate once you’re able to pick the cleaning contractor at Detroit, MI! Our listing of clients that are happy and returning is continuing to increase. We value the comments.


Then you are in the ideal location if you are a business owner that requires a building cleaning assistance. Sparkle Commercial Cleaning may supply cleaning solutions at a price that is minimal to you.

Let your websites clean up. We are going to leave nothing but a website that is fresh after we complete our job. Pick up the telephone and make an appointment NOW.

Our company supplies an extensive spectral range of cleaning providers. We’re readily available to our clients by Monday through Sunday! If you require a urgent situation cleaning, then do not be afraid to get in touch with us now and make a consultation. You’re going to be astonished how professional and quick that your cleanup job is going to be carried out. We just employ the assistance of reliable cleansing contractors which are always prepared to serve you. Benefit from our competitive prices today! Employ a seasoned group of carpet cleansers in Michigan which are certain to find the task done professionally and quickly!…

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Prospective Parents


QK is under new leadership and is moving into a brand new building in January 2015. If you would like your child to be part of the first year 7 to start their secondary education in the new building please come to one of our open events.

 Open Evening 1st October 2018


Tours of both the old and the new building are available. Please note that tours of the new building are limited and will be on a first come first served basis.

Head teacher’s address to parents is at 5.45pm and repeated at 7.15pm

Start: 5.30pm

Finish: 7.30pm

 Open Morning  October  /October 2018
October 21st/October22nd Tours of both the old and the new building are available, and there will time with Alex Atherton and students.

Please email the school at [email protected]  to book a place on one of these mornings.

Start: 9.15am



Transition from Primary School

The move from primary school to Quintin Kynaston is supported by an outstanding transition programme with a dedicated team of staff working to ensure all students become successful QK citizens.

Our Year 7 Opening Minds curriculum is designed to develop the necessary skills that students will need to become more independent learners now that they are at secondary school, but also in preparation for university, the world of work and parenthood.  To build on what the students have already learnt in Year 6, we have recruited some experienced primary trained teachers.

Their role is key to ensuring continuity of progress by designing and delivering lessons that ensure a love of learning is maintained whilst additional challenge is provided. We also believe that proficient numeracy and literacy skills are at the heart of successful transition and we have excellent programmes to develop students’ skills and understanding, whatever their ability, to ensure progress and success at QK.…

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Year 6 Students

Moving to secondary school

As a Year 6 student, you will soon be getting ready to make a big change as you leave your primary school and move to a secondary school. Becoming a Year 7 student is an exciting time, but you can also find yourself feeling slightly nervous about what’s in store for you at your new secondary school. A mixture of excitement and anxiety is completely normal and is a feeling shared by all Year 6 students when they get ready for their first day at their new secondary school.

Transition is something we take very seriously at QK. We do our very best to make sure that our new Year 7 students feel comfortable and confident when they join us in September.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Tutor Groups?

When you are accepted at QK you will be put into a tutor group. This will be the class you are attached to throughout your time at QK. You will spend a daily registration time with your  tutor group, as well as being taught together as a class for most of your subjects.  For some practical subjects, such as PE and Technology, you will be in slightly smaller, mixed groups.  There are 8 tutor Groups at QK (Q, U, T, N, K, Y, S & A).  Each Tutor Group has a form tutor – this will be the teacher that has responsibility for you on a day-to-day basis in QK and is the first person to see if you need support.

How will I make new friends?

Having to make new friends can feel daunting. However, in Term 6, when you are preparing to leave your primary school to join QK, you’ll take part in a special “HeadStart Day”. This is a day in June when you come into QK for a day of taster lessons.  On that day, your form tutor will also help you to get to know other students and to new make friends by doing lots of team building activities.

Will I be able to be in the same class as my friends from primary school?

Whenever possible we will try our best to make sure that you have at least one person from your primary school in your tutor group.

How much homework will I get a week?

As a Year 7 student you should be receiving approximately three hours of homework a week.

I’m worried about finding my way around QK. What happens if I get lost?

QK has a big site with different buildings, but we’ll make sure you know how to find your way around quickly. On your first day your form tutor will give you a guided tour of the building, pointing out areas of key importance and interest.…

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Student Voice

Overview of Student Voice

In this school we believe that students are the most important members of the school community and therefore it is vital to us that they have opportunities to express their views. For the past ten years students, supported by senior staff, have worked extremely hard to build a Student Voice model that works for them. Today, our Student Voice provision is considered pioneering; schools and organisations from around the world look to QK to support the development of their own Student Voice offering.

At QK Student Voice is not simply a platform for ensuring students’ opinions are heard and respected, although that is important, we also aim to develop leadership qualities within our students.

The Student Voice ‘faculty’ has a number of strands, each with a specific purpose and remit.

These strands are made up of a select group of students and are led by Student Leaders. Student Voice is driven by the Student Leadership Board that mirrors the Leadership structure of the school and is made up of representatives of the school’s Student Leaders, including the Head Prefect, Chair of the School Council, Lead Peer Mentor and Senior Assistant Youth Worker.

The Structure of Student Voice

Student Voice is divided into two seperate, but inter-linking sections – ‘involvement’ and ‘representation’. Each strand sits within one of these sections and therefore has a slightly different way of involving and engaging students.

Strands in the representation side have a particular focus on ensuring student views and opinions are voiced throughout all levels of QK. Students who are involved in these strands will work more strategically to support the school and wider community.

Strands in the involvement side are designed to give students are more ‘hands-on’ role within the school community. These students will work more operationally to support the school and wider community.

By having two sections within our model, we allow a larger percentage of students from across the school to be actively involved with Student Voice.

Student Voice Headlines

  • In 2007 the Student Voice held their first and very successful National Student Voice Conference, these have continued ever since. Following the success of these conferences, the school is currently an ‘Executive School’ for the SSAT – leading Student Voice developments across North West London
  • In June 2010, QK Student Voice won the prestigious National Speaker of The House of Commons Award which was presented at the House of Commons.  Over 2000 schools competed for the award. Since winning the award our students have sat on the judging panel for the awards alongside MPs.
  • Student Voice has been involved in the planning and design of the student lavatories (which were refurbished at a cost of £80,000). They also had their say in the design of the new school uniform, were involved in the tendering of the school meal contract and have an involvement in the appointment of key members of staff – as well as planning activities and arranging social events.
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