Setting up your portable massage table is easy once you know how to do it. If you move your massage table often, such as for on-site appointments, you’ll quickly become familiar with how to set up and take down your table.

Learn how to set up a portable massage table.

Massage Table Setup Instructions

instructionsThe first step after reading portable massage therapy table reviews in setting up your portable massage table is to unlock the latches at the end of the table.

Place the table on its side; then reach down and undo the latches.

Open up the massage table so that the legs extend fully.

Read accessible portable massage therapy table reviews to find out if your model has accessories stored underneath, you can remove the accessories at this point.

Next, grab the handles on the side of your massage table—or, if there are no handles, get a good grip on the side of the table—and lift the table until it’s upright on all four legs.

Press down on the center of the table to make sure the legs and cables are firmly locked in place.

Massage Table Height Adjustment

Unless the massage table is already set at the correct height, you’ll need to adjust the table legs to the right height.

This is an important step because it allows you to maintain proper body mechanics while giving massage.

To adjust the table height, unscrew the knob that holds one of the legs in place and adjust the leg to the correct hole for the height you need. Replace the knob so that the leg is securely held in place.

Repeat the process for the other legs. Adjust all four table legs to the same height. Count the number of holes to make sure each leg is properly adjusted.

Massage Table Accessories

Now it’s time to attach the massage table accessories. Insert the headrest attachment into the holes at the end of the table. Depending on the design of your headrest, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adjust the height and angle of the face cradle.

If your massage table comes with a forward arm rest or side arm extenders, you can attach these accessories as well.

Accessories like these can help your clients feel more comfortable on the table.

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