Overview of Student Voice

In this school we believe that students are the most important members of the school community and therefore it is vital to us that they have opportunities to express their views. For the past ten years students, supported by senior staff, have worked extremely hard to build a Student Voice model that works for them. Today, our Student Voice provision is considered pioneering; schools and organisations from around the world look to QK to support the development of their own Student Voice offering.

At QK Student Voice is not simply a platform for ensuring students’ opinions are heard and respected, although that is important, we also aim to develop leadership qualities within our students.

The Student Voice ‘faculty’ has a number of strands, each with a specific purpose and remit.

These strands are made up of a select group of students and are led by Student Leaders. Student Voice is driven by the Student Leadership Board that mirrors the Leadership structure of the school and is made up of representatives of the school’s Student Leaders, including the Head Prefect, Chair of the School Council, Lead Peer Mentor and Senior Assistant Youth Worker.

The Structure of Student Voice

Student Voice is divided into two seperate, but inter-linking sections – ‘involvement’ and ‘representation’. Each strand sits within one of these sections and therefore has a slightly different way of involving and engaging students.

Strands in the representation side have a particular focus on ensuring student views and opinions are voiced throughout all levels of QK. Students who are involved in these strands will work more strategically to support the school and wider community.

Strands in the involvement side are designed to give students are more ‘hands-on’ role within the school community. These students will work more operationally to support the school and wider community.

By having two sections within our model, we allow a larger percentage of students from across the school to be actively involved with Student Voice.

Student Voice Headlines

  • In 2007 the Student Voice held their first and very successful National Student Voice Conference, these have continued ever since. Following the success of these conferences, the school is currently an ‘Executive School’ for the SSAT – leading Student Voice developments across North West London
  • In June 2010, QK Student Voice won the prestigious National Speaker of The House of Commons Award which was presented at the House of Commons.  Over 2000 schools competed for the award. Since winning the award our students have sat on the judging panel for the awards alongside MPs.
  • Student Voice has been involved in the planning and design of the student lavatories (which were refurbished at a cost of £80,000). They also had their say in the design of the new school uniform, were involved in the tendering of the school meal contract and have an involvement in the appointment of key members of staff – as well as planning activities and arranging social events.